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    When the load of diesel engine varies, the speed varies greatly.

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     The amount of fuel supplied to the injection pump of a diesel generator unit depends on the speed of the diesel engine. With the increase of crankshaft speed, the oil supply increases; on the contrary, the oil supply decreases.
    When the load of diesel engine varies, the speed varies greatly. Specifically:
    First, when the load decreases, the rotational speed rises, and the rotational speed rises, which leads to the increase of the circulating fuel supply of the plunger pump, and the increase of the circulating fuel supply leads to the further increase of the rotational speed. This is a vicious cycle, which causes the engine rotational speed to be higher and higher, and finally the flying car.
    Secondly, when the load increases, the speed decreases, and the speed decreases, which leads to the decrease of the circulating fuel supply of the plunger pump, and the increase of the circulating fuel supply leads to the further decrease of the speed, which leads to the engine speed becoming lower and lower, and finally to the extinction.
    To change this vicious circle, it is necessary to adjust the fuel supply automatically according to the price change of Cummins generator. An automatic control mechanism for the stable operation of diesel generating units within the prescribed speed range. Moving the fuel supply rod can change the circulating fuel supply and basically keep the speed of the diesel engine unchanged.
    Installation of Generator Sets
    (1) Measuring the vertical and horizontal centerline of the foundation and unit
    Before the unit is in place, the vertical and horizontal centerlines and shock absorber locating lines of the foundation and unit shall be drawn according to the drawing "setting-out".
    (2) Hoisting Unit
    When hoisting, the steel wire rope with enough strength should be used in the hoisting position of the unit. It should not be sleeved on the axle, and the oil pipe and dial should be prevented from being damaged. The unit should be hoisted according to the requirements, aiming at the center line of the foundation and the shock absorber, and the unit should be padded flat.
    _Unit leveling.
    Use the pad iron to adjust the machine to the level. Installation accuracy is 0.1 mm for vertical and horizontal deviation per meter. There should be no interval between the cushion iron and the seat to make the force uniform.
    Installation of exhaust pipe
    The exposed part of the exhaust pipe should not be in contact with wood or other flammable substances. The extension of flue pipes must allow the occurrence of thermal expansion and prevent rainwater from entering the flue pipes.
    There are two ways to lay the exhaust pipe:
    (1) Horizontal overhead: The advantages are less turning and less resistance; the disadvantages are poor indoor heat dissipation and high room temperature.
    (2) Laying in ditches: The advantages are good indoor heat dissipation; the disadvantages are more turning and greater resistance.
    4. The exhaust pipe of the unit has a high temperature. In order to prevent scald operators and reduce the radiation heat to increase the temperature of the room, it is advisable to carry out heat preservation treatment. Thermal insulation and heat-resistant materials can be wrapped with glass wire or aluminium silicate, which can play the role of heat insulation and noise reduction.

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