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    Environmental protection, low displacement and low energy consumption have become the current development direction of power generation industry

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     Environmental protection, low displacement and low energy consumption have become the development direction of current generation industry
    In engine construction, the ignition point of diesel fuel is low, and it does not need spark plug to ignite. It only needs to compress the air in the cylinder to make the air temperature reach the ignition point of diesel fuel. Heilongjiang Diesel Generator points out that without the limitation of ignition, the diesel engine can achieve extremely high compression ratio. Therefore, under the same power condition, the diesel engine has high torque and low speed at maximum power, so most commercial vehicles and SUVs use diesel engines.
    However, the traditional diesel engine is less popular than gasoline engine because of its heavy weight, lower speed, higher noise and vibration, and more serious soot and particulate emissions. But with the progress of diesel engine technology in recent years, especially the new development of small high-speed diesel engine, a number of advanced technologies, such as electronic direct injection, common rail, turbocharging, intercooling and so on, have been applied to small diesel engine, which has solved the shortcomings of the original diesel engine, while the advantages of diesel engine in energy saving and CO2 emission are packages. All thermal engines, including gasoline engines, cannot be replaced.
    In terms of emissions, the emission of advanced European car diesel engines has reached the Euro V standard, and there is no problem in environmental protection.

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