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    Address:Fujian Yineng Generator Co., Ltd.
    Mobile phone number: 186-5050-8533
    Contact: Gu Manager
    Company address: No.8 Xikou Road, Fuan City, Fujian Province
    Web site: http://www.yn-power.com
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    Fujian Yineng Generator Co., Ltd.
    Tel: 400 829 0708
    Company Fax: 0593-6963789
    Wechat: 18650508533
    E-mail: guwenhui2354@163.com
    Mobile phone number: 186 5050 8533
    Address: No. 8 Xikou Road Service Hotline, Fuan City, Fujian
    Website: http://www.yn-power.com
    1, for warranty
    The end of the project acceptance, settlement of the project after the end of the project to the Ministry of customer service center for.
    2, warranty contact
    Please contact the Engineering Customer Service Center in time for the warranty and ask the telephone to record the name of the person for verification in future.
    3, after-sales service content
    (1) engineering maintenance. Division I to provide two years of free warranty, life-long maintenance services. During the contract period, the company is responsible for free maintenance of our construction and settlement of the project. In the maintenance work beyond the warranty period, the cost of labor and materials is charged.
    (2) customer feedback. The establishment of regular customer return visit system, the company delivered to the use of the project to establish a return visit to the file, a regular telephone return visit, that is, within one year of the project return four times a year, more than one year project visit twice a year.
    (3) value-added services. Every day we will be on the VIP customers (including repeat customers) letters, small gifts and telephone and other friendly return visit, and to introduce customers to the company's repeat customers to give other forms of concessions. All customers, if there is beyond the warranty project construction and maintenance needs, I Division after-sales service staff will make every effort to meet the cost of the actual situation, If you are satisfied with the construction, you need to shoot the site to keep a memorial, you can call Huaxun local company's hotline, the company will meet your needs as much as possible. After the shooting of the site, you can give you a free set of professional digital photos.
    (4) Complaint handling. For your complaint, our company will reply within 24 hours, for the need for timely response to the complaint, please call the engineering manager of the phone to complain.
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