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    Fujian Yineng Generator Co., Ltd. mainly produces: 30kW - 1000kW single generator, brushless and brushless generators. The newly developed Stanford and Engel generators are recognized and concerned by both old and new customers. It can be used as a matching unit for generator survivors. At the same time, we also have a complete set of Shangchai shares, Guangxi Yuchai, Shandong Weichai, Jichai, Cummins, Parkins and other famous diesel engines as the main power. According to customer's requirements, we can match with domestic famous brand generators, such as Stanford, Lanzhou Electric Machinery, Marathon, Engel and so on. Colleagues can produce other mobile trailer power stations with special technical requirements such as generator set, automation, low noise (silent) diesel generator set and multi-parallel networking.
    The enterprise's "people-oriented" management model, the implementation of famous brand strategy, adhere to the spirit of innovation, market-oriented, continuous development of new products, product mechatronics, bold development of domestic and international markets, open up diversified export channels. With strong technical force, strict quality control, corporate image and first-class brand as the goal of management policy, the current enterprise product variety, complete specifications, best-selling products throughout the country, exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the United States and other countries and regions, has been widely praised by customers. All employees of the company are willing to use their wisdom and diligence to go hand in hand with Chinese customers and foreign businessmen to create brilliant! The company always adheres to the service purpose: "Today's quality, tomorrow's market!" Customer First, Credit First!"
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